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About Mandar

Pune (India) based Mandar was initiated into music by his parents. He received his initial training in music from Shrimati Jyotsna Bakshi for 2 years. For 22 years, he has learnt music under the eminent tutelage (rigorous taleem) of Pandit Vijay Koparkar ji. As a prominent Indian Classical vocalist, Mandar is known for a mesmerizing range of repertoire of Raags and Bandishes in his music. He has been performing in concerts across India, Australia and in the USA. Apart from Khayal music, he also performs Marathi Natyasangeet, Bhajans and Semi-Classical music. With his dedication and devotion to classical music, Mandar has won various prestigious competitions, like the first prize at the national level in the All India Radio classical music competition. His scholarship in music is complimented by many prestigious awards and fellowships. Mandar is blessed by many senior musicians. As an empaneled  guru in The University of Pune, he imparts tutelage (taleem) to students of master's degree in music and to other young aspiring students of classical music. Apart from mesmerizing the audience with his music, Mandar also masters the academics through his scholarship in Software Engineering.

About his Guru

Pandit Vijay Koparkar started his musical training from his first guru Pt. Madhusudan Patwardhan. This was followed by training under renowned artist of yesteryear, Dr. Vasantrao Deshpande for five years and then under Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki for seven years. As a renowned vocalist and guru, Panditji has been performing extensively in India and globally.

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